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My name is Tanner and I’m a Photographer, Videographer that lives in San Diego, California. I have always had an interest in creative arts and those two topics became a major interest of mine. 

With video (mainly post production) being the first creative outlet I found, it was from there I also found an interest in photography. Already knowing the aspects of video, editing, lighting, equipment, etc., helped me understand and succeed in photography. Once I began doing more photo work I took a break from video to pursue strictly photography. After feeling comfortable with the aspects I learned from Photography I decided to pursue video again and not limit myself to one outlet. Since video incorporates essentially everything I had been doing it made the most sense. Now having a much stronger background in Video, Photo and Audio work, it has allowed me to make more engaging content more efficiently.  

Here is a short overview of my technical abilities:

Photo editing with Photoshop and Lightroom.
Video editing + Color Correction with FCPX and Premiere.  
Audio Recording and Engineering with Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton.
Ready to produce 1080p, 2.7k and 4K video. 
Able to prepare, print, frame photos. 
Aerial (drone) photography + cinematography.